Exhibition „sealt sinna / Let's Take the Romantic Way“
Kaarel Kütas, Mikk Jäger, Cartier, Kersti Vallikivi-Ramos, Ahti Sepsivart, Villem Jahu, Triinu Jürves September 4-26, 2021   The title of the exhibition is inspired by Cartier’s peculiar true story, where an unexperienced couple had to start making difficult business decisions every day and they always chose a longer way to go to the office. Just to see the bushes, hear the birds and be together.   The whole gallery space amounts a flowing installation that figuratively emphasizes the variability of any situation or context. Moving itself - between different states of mind and values - becomes important instead of the final solution. Like a dandelion that grows through asphalt.
Origin Point. Tartu Art School 70
Origin Point. Tartu Art School 70
Tartu Art School celebrates its 70th jubilee this year. The importance of Tartu Art School on the Estonian artscape has been somewhat shrouded. Yet throughout its 70 years the school has preserved an important role as a starting point – an origin point – for professional artists.   On the occasion of the jubilee year, Tartu Art School will open the exhibition “Origin Point” on September 2 at 16.00 in Gallery Pallas (Tartu, Riia street 11). The exhibition will be open until the 18th of September.   The exhibition represents artists from different generations who have their own experience and relationship with the school – there are those who reminisce the then parties with great nostalgia. The aim of the exhibition is not to give a thorough overview of the student of Tartu Art School.
Per William Petersen. Woman in Fur. Author’s technique. 2020. 100 × 37 × 28
On Friday, 3 September at 5 p.m. the sculptor and painter Per William Petersen will open his solo exhibition “Woman in Fur. Selected Works 1995–2020” in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is curated and designed by Madis Liplap. At the opening, a substantial publication about the artist’s oeuvre will be presented.   The art historian Peeter Talvistu has written: “Although Per William Petersen is originally from Denmark, over the last fifteen years he has become an established and valued member of the art life in Tartu and in Estonia in general. His contributions are no longer seen as coming from a guest from abroad but as works made by a sculptor and painter who is a known and treasured member of the local community.
Killu Sukmit. Zeus is a Prick. 2021. Detail
Killu Sukmit “Artist and Her Work”
On Friday, 3 September at 5 p.m. Killu Sukmit will open her solo exhibition “Artist and Her Work” in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The concept of the exhibition is partially connected to the artist’s previous solo exhibition “K’s Garden” (2019) that also examined the idea of work. While that project was conceptually linked to the painting “Mr Sukmit’s Garden” (1994) by the artist Malle Leis, the symbol of the garden at the present exhibition can be understood in a similar manner as Hemingway sees the sea, Tolstoy the bread or Robin Morgan the sisterhood.   The exhibition consists of new works. Embroideries and the soundtrack sometimes quote and reference other artists and their works although the authors of these are not always known. The print “Artist and Her Work” (1968) by Evi Tihemets has also been a source of inspiration.
Forest fairy tales bound by Estonian designer bookbinders
In the Library of Tallinn University of Technology 3.-21. August 2021   The members of the Estonian Binding Artists' Association introduce unique bindings of the stories of fairy tales and forest fairy tales.   A fairy tale is a story based on a deliberate invention, which contradicts logic, the laws of nature and does not care about a certain historical environment. There is a great deal of discussion about forests in society today, because the forest is being cut down carelessly, forgetting that the forest is a living system that needs a smart, attentive and caring attitude. Forest fairy tales help us to recall the connection with nature and its creatures. Forest-themed works also have a significant place in Estonian and foreign literature.
Alexei Gordin's solo exhibition “How could it happen?”
Alexei Gordin's exhibition’s “How could it happen?” opening will take place on Thursday, August 5, from 7 pm to 9 pm. DJ NIKA will play the music and Kalamaja Brewery supports the event. Visitors who feel healthy are welcome.   ArtDepoo locates in Tallinn at Jahu 12-213.
Exhibition “Wearing a Hundred Shirts”
Wearing a Hundred Shirts will be opened at the Art Hall Gallery on 5 August at 6 pm. The exhibition looks at the T-shirt as an object of material culture in Estonia. Items borrowed from memory institutions, private collections and directly from manufacturers include works of design and art, shirts with a political message, curiosities and ordinary utilitarian shirts, which are used to outline the important issues and developments in the recent past.   The exhibition displays shirts by very different authors: Reet Aus, Kertu Ehala and Ave Teeääre, Marco Laimre, Laivi Suurväli, Peeter Sepp, Saima Priks, Juku-Kalle Raid, and Johannes Säre among others.   The curators of the exhibition are Sten Ojavee (CCA) and Siim Preiman.   During the 20th century the T-shirt became one of the most widely worn fashion items.
Sven Parker “Walls, panels, fragments”
Sven Parker will open his personal exhibition “Walls, panels, fragments” in Draakon gallery at 6pm on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. Exhibition will be open until August 28th, 2021.   This exhibition is inspired by one of the first “westernized” comic book series published in Estonia in the 1990s. Western narratives and characters entered Estonian storytelling soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, marking the beginning of a paradigmatic shift. As the cold war ended, the capitalist ideology reached Eastern Europe and brought about expansive commodification and transition to a new liberal-democratic mode of governance.   American political scientist Francis Fukuyama has described this time period as “the end of history”, the disappearance of great historical narratives based on the tension and ideological opposition between East and West.
Huupi. 14:23. 2021. Oil, canvas. Photo Huupi.
Huupi isikunäitus “Päeva Palee”
Opening of the exhibition Day Palace by Huupi is on the 6th of August at 6 o'clock PM.   Exhibition Day Palace depicts Huupi’s attempt to decode something that is not dependent on people - the changing of colours in time and something descriptive and imaginary - time itself in which we measure ourselves.   Day Palace is a series of paintings that combines colour and architecture, light and shadow. The titles of the works are timestamps that mark the movement of light in time and space.
Darja Popolitova. Video still “How to Speak a Foreign Language Without Mistakes”
The exhibition “Tactilite: Stone that Tickles the Gaze” by jewellery artist Darja Popolitova will open in Hobusepea gallery at 6pm on August 5thHobusepea gallery. The solo show incorporates five video works, jewellery and installations that will create a fictional world where witch Seraphita helps to cope with the frustrations of everyday life.   “Seraphita is a fictional character who helps me to expand the usual functions of jewellery.